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Music Workshops

Would you like to breathe fresh life into your music program ? 
Are you looking to fine tune your small ensemble or worship
team?  Need to revive your program or bring your choir to the
next level?


Whether you have contemporary ensemble or traditional Choir, Becky Loar can introduce new concepts to your team that will uplift and encourage your program.  Here are some of the topics that can be hand crafted to fit the needs of your programs needs.

Topics on your workshop may include:


  • Choral clinic with vocalizations, vocal health discussions, repertoire

  • Soloist coachings to work specific song selections or choose repertoire.

  • Clinic/Workshop in preparation for specific events (Christmas/Easter cantata, etc)

  • One-on-one with Director discussing strategies for warm-ups, rehearsal techniques and pacing.

Fresh ideas

Strategies for warm-ups, rehearsal techniques and pacing.


Clinic with team to work on vocalizations, vocal health tips


Preparation for specific events (Christmas/Easter cantata, etc)


What goals can you set for your ministry that will help you step up to the next level 

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